Custom U-Edging Hems Provide Cost Effective Protection

u-edging hem with Metal Fabrication Services logo

U-Edging Hems Provide Protection and Increase Aesthetics Custom formed steel U-Edging Hems are used to enclose expanded metal, wire meshing and perforated sheet steel. Hems provide a smooth, u-shaped edging around exposed ends of jagged sheet steel. Common applications include: Handrail filler panels Wire screening Architectural designs And More! U-Edging Hems are rigid and weldable,…

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Metal U-Edging Hems for Safety & Design

Metal U-Edging Hems

Metal U-Edging Hems are an important safety feature of metal panels The primary function of u-edging hems is safety. Hems securely enclose dangerous, exposed edges of metal paneling, which could potentially cause injuries. Hems are basically formed, u-shaped metal closure strips, used to cap the edges of a wide range of materials, including: Expanded Metal Perforated…

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