Space Saving Stairpans – The Future of Commercial Stair Systems

poured concrete stairpans

Product Innovations Such As Our Space Saving Stairpans are a Key Component of Our Continued Growth & Success

Space Saving StairpansSpace Saving Stairpans came about as a means of solving a challenge a potential customer was facing.

Recently, we worked with the general contractor and miscellaneous metal sub-contractor, of a large residential high-rise project, in a major metropolitan city, to solve the problem they were having with space.

They needed to install stairs that would exactly meet the minimum height clearance to satisfy building code requirements without adding any additional height. We came up with a new, low profile, metal stairpan design. 

Our design allowed them to fit more floors into their building.

Not only did our space saving stairpans allow for more floors, but there were several other attractive factors that made our innovative new stairpans an irresistible option and helped turn a prospective customer into a lifelong customer.

space saving stairpansOur Space Saving Stairpans:

  • Use 24% less concrete than conventional stairpans
  • Use 7% less steel than traditional stairpans
  • Are approximately 27% lighter than the average metal stairpan
  • Add 2-5/16″ of headroom per stair
  • Meet OSHA requirements for emergency stairways

When you add all of the benefits of our space saving stairpans up, they equal a significant savings in materials, as well as an increase in future profits for the building owners. With more floors, they have more spaces to rent out.

We knew that if we wanted to gain a new customer and land this high profile job that we would have to go above and beyond to provide an innovative solution that would make their decision a no-brainer. But this isn’t just how we treat big clients. This is an ethic that flows through to every business interaction we have, from a five dollar sale all the way up to a five hundred thousand dollar one. It is part of our core values and our employees live and breathe a customer-centric approach to providing superior service. If our products aren’t making your life easier, then we are not doing our job.

If we’re being honest, we realize that just about any metal fabrication shop has the ability to construct metal stairpans. That does not mean they have the ability to do it efficiently or well.

If you had an option to purchase your metal stairpans from someone else, who could fabricate them more quickly and more cost effectively, without having to burden your own busy workers, wouldn’t that option make the most sense?

Our metal stairpans are used in commercial applications all over the country, in some of the tallest buildings in the world. We have been perfecting our methods for decades, providing a quality product with quick turnaround, that is easy to work with and install.  As a result, we have positioned ourselves as leaders in the metal stairpan and stair systems industry.

space saving stairpansThe Eberl Iron Works Metal Fabrication Division:

  • We Have the Materials: We work with and stock a wide range of materials, from carbon steel and stainless steel to aluminum, in various gauges and sizes ensuring our lead times are not affected by material backorders.
  • We Maintain Exacting Standards for Quality: Our specialty is Stair Systems and Our pans are square!  We specialize in stairpans (solid, perforated or checkered plate), stair treads (diamond plate, safety grating and bar grating stair treads), landing pans and carrier angles. We also provide bent plate, concrete pour stop, industrial pipe guards, infill panels & u-edging hems, and other custom forms. We have two shears and four press brakes, as well as additional, highly-specialized equipment which helps us to achieve the perfect tolerance
  • poured concrete stairpansWe Have the Expertise: We work closely with your estimating department, as well as your fabrication shop, to provide products that meet the specifications of your drawings. For more than 90 years, we have been producing a quality product, giving you great service, on-time delivery, and competitive pricing.

Sure – you might be able to fabricate a stairpan yourself, but the question you need to ask yourself is will it be worth your time and effort?

So the next time you’re thinking about doing it yourself, why don’t you ask us for a quote instead?

We guarantee you’ll be satisfied with the end result.

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