Perforated Stairpans for Safety and Visual Appeal

commercial metal perforated stairpans, metal stair treads

Perforated Stairpans Improve Visibility, Safety & Aesthetics

Perforated Stairpans improve visibility for pedestrians using commercial stairwells, allowing them to see foot traffic both above and below, and alerting them to any potential dangers. Holes also allow more light to filter through making stairwells a brighter, friendlier environment.

When architects need to design a stairway that sets itself apart from others, Perforated Stairpans are the natural choice. Round hole and slotted hole patterns provide a unique appearance, while custom hole patterns can create a one of a kind work of metal art.

Perforated Stairpans and stair treads are a perfect combination of strength and beauty. They are manufactured in the same way as non-perforated pans, but with an added CNC step to provide hole perforations or slots.

In Perforated Stairpans, the riser, tread or both portions of the stairpan, are fabricated with holes or slots punched into them. The benefits of Perforated Stairpans are manifold:

  • Perforated stairpans with round hole patternthey weigh less
  • are more easily transported (lower weight also saves on freight costs)
  • they provide aesthetic appeal
  • they increase the safety of the person using the stairs by giving them visibility to see what is beneath them.Perforated stairpans with slotted hole pattern

Beginning with choosing an appropriate style of stairpan for your specific application, we work with you, using your custom project dimensions, to design and manufacture stairpans that will perfectly suit your needs. We then produce your custom order using CNC equipment and special techniques, developed and perfected over decades of skilled fabrication, to provide you with a high quality product at a highly competitive price.

These Perforated Stairpans can be fabricated to have poured concrete stair treads, or metal stair treads. They can be manufactured out of a variety of material thicknesses or gauges, and a variety of metals. Plain carbon steel is most often used. Some additional services we offer include applying primer to the pans, fabrication and welding carrier angles to the stairpans, and punching bolt holes through the treads.

perforated stairpansCreating custom Perforated Stairpans is a highly specialized market, and although many metal fabrication facilities have some of the tools and machinery necessary to create them, many lack the necessary experience to create them quickly, efficiently and cost effectively. Eberl Iron Works has over 90 years in the metal fabrication business and has been manufacturing metal Perforated Stairpans for commercial applications, such as high rise buildings, parking structures and apartment complexes for decades.

Our fully stocked warehouse and quick access to non-stock, specialty materials ensures quick turnaround of your order, and we will always work with you to fit production and delivery within your schedule.

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