Top Five Reasons to Choose Metal Stair Treads Over Stairpans

metal stair tread, metal stair treads

METAL STAIR TREADS are the perfect solution in situations where a poured concrete stair is not necessarymetal stair treads, diamond plate stair treads, checker plate stair treads

METAL STAIR TREADS are perfectly functional and durable yet weigh only a fraction of what a stairpan filled with concrete weighs, making them a great alternative to traditional metal stairpans: they are very cost effective, require fewer steps to install, and in many instances are better suited to your project.

(1) Installation

poured concrete stairpansBy choosing metal stair treads over traditional stairs pans filled with cement, you are cutting your time and labor way down by eliminating the extra steps of pouring concrete and waiting for it to cure. An entire stairway comprised of stair treads takes only a fraction of the time that a stairway built of concrete filled stairpans would take to install.

(2) Material Cost

By eliminating concrete from the mix, you are cutting down on material cost – not to mention the time and labor costs that are associated with mixing, pouring and leveling the concrete, and the machinery and tools required to get the job done.

(3) Safety


Anti-Slip Surface

diamond plate stair treads, checker plate stair treadsAn added benefit of metal stair treads is that they provide a slip resistant surface. This adds safety by preventing slips, trips and falls, which could lead to injuries and costly liability issues. Metal stair treads are an especially attractive solution for outdoor installations, and other areas where water, debris or other substances might play a role in creating hazardous walking conditions.


Concrete stairwells have a reputation for being poorly lit spaces. With metal stair treads, an open stair plan is possible. Open stair plans increase light flow in stairwells, as well as increase visibility between floors. Stair users are able to see potential dangers both above and below their own flight of stairs.

(4) Options

perforated stairpans, metal stair treadsOur typical, closed riser stair tread is manufactured from diamond plate (also known as checker plate) material. This same anti-slip surface can also be used to make treads for open riser stairs, but your options do not stop there. Metal stair treads can be fabricated from a wide variety of materials, including various types of safety grating, such as: Grip Strut and Heavy-Duty Grip Strut gratings, Traction Tread Grating, Perf-o-Grip Grating and metal bar grating. Treads can also be perforated with custom hole or slot patterns, making the possibilities practically limitless.

(5) Aesthetics

bar grating metal stair treadsLet’s face it: nobody thinks that a concrete filled stairwell is a particularly beautiful place to hang out. They are mostly associated with parking garages and other commercial buildings where functionality is prized above form. Often times they are dimly lit and very dingy. With so many tread materials to choose from, designing an aesthetically pleasing stairway, without sacrificing durability and strength is now perfectly within your reach.

Trust the name with 90+ Years of Solid Customer Satisfaction

CEO John Eberl CFO Nora Eberl of Eberl Iron Works a 3rd generation, family owned metal fabricat businessEBERL IRON WORKS has been in the metal fabrication business for more than ninety years. We have been perfecting our methods and innovating new methods of manufacture for many decades. Our metal stair treads and stairpans, for the commercial stair industry, are well known for their high quality and precision tolerances. Our products are square.

We fabricate your treads to your specifications, creating the perfect set of stair treads for your custom project. They are produced by exceptionally skilled workers then expertly packaged and shipped to prevent damage in transit. But the job doesn’t stop there; we work with you to ensure a smooth process during installation.

Our products are offered at highly competitive prices, with fast turnaround times. By manufacturing everything in our own facility, where we stock a vast array of materials, we are able to keep tight control over the production timeline and quickly meet demand.

Get started today, with a quote on your next stair project!




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