Metal Pour Stop: A More Effective Barrier for Concrete Pours

Concrete Pour Stop

Metal Pour Stop is Used to Create a Barrier During Concrete Pours

Bent Plate Metal Pour Stop

Bent Plate Pour Stop

Pour Stop helps to contain the concrete within a desired area while it hardens. Metal pour stop is typically made from carbon steel, but can also be fabricated out of galvanized steel, stainless steel or aluminum, depending on your needs.

There are Two Basic Styles

Bent Plate Pour Stop is mainly used in steel construction, when heavier pours are required, and a sturdier material is needed to contain the high volume of concrete.

Galvanized Pour Stop (also known as screed angle) is primarily used in the construction of roofs and joists because it offers a way to contain the concrete more effectively than other methods do, thanks to the lip that is bent into the metal.

Galvanized Metal Pour Stop

Galvanized Pour Stop

Fabrication Options

Our bent plate stops can be fabricated from a range of material thicknesses, from 7 gauge to  ½” plate. Our galvanized stop ranges in thickness from 10 gauge to 20 gauge. We also custom fabricate your pourstop order to the shape and angle that will best work within your specific application.

All of our concrete pour stops are fabricated to your custom specifications, in our own warehouse, out of high quality materials. We use CNC equipment, operated by our highly skilled workers, and our products are inspected for quality assurance before being expertly packed and leaving our facility.

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