Concrete Pour Stops Can Be Custom Made For You

concrete pour stops

We Make Custom Concrete Pour Stops That Meet Your Needsconcrete pour stops

There are many different components that go into building the perfect set of commercial stairs and we know that each one plays an important role. We also know that not all stairs are the same and that’s why our Metal Fabrication Services Division has taken your custom job requirements into consideration. Here at Eberl Iron Works, Inc., we offer Concrete Pour Stops in a variety of shapes, gauges and materials to ensure your project goes smoothly. When properly added to a sheet of metal decking, our concrete pour stops ensure a clean outside edge when concrete is being poured.

Concrete Pours Stops Offered In Multiple Optionsconcrete pour stops

Our Metal Fabrication Services Division offers Bent Plate and Galvanized Pour Stops. Bent plate concrete pour stops are used in steel construction to create a stopping point for concrete pours or where thicker pours are required. These pour stops are offered in 7 1/2″ gauge plate material and can be formed into angles, channels and other custom shapes to meet your requirements. Galvanized concrete pour stops are used in the construction of roof decking, metal decking and joists to create a stopping point for poured concrete. These pour stops are offered in thicknesses ranging between 10 and 20 gauge. Both styles of concrete pour stops can be custom made to ensure they fit perfectly into your next project.

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The forming of carbon, aluminum and stainless steel is part of our normal, daily operations. We manufacture a wide range of stair components including: concrete pour stops, stairpans, landing pans, infill panels, carrier angles, railing brackets and more. We use CNC equipment to improve our production and efficiency of our products, which helps ensure our customers received the highest quality stair components at an affordable price. To see how our team of experts can help you with your next project or to request a quote, click the button below!

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