Loading Dock Products for Safety & Energy Efficiency

Loading Dock Products Improve Safety & Reduce Energy Costs Shipping and Receiving is a vital part of many businesses and industries. Maintaining your docks properly with the correct Loading Dock Products can help keep both shipments and workers safe. With the right Loading Dock Products properly installed you can also improve efficiency of loading and…

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Metal Pour Stop: A More Effective Barrier for Concrete Pours

Concrete Pour Stop

Metal Pour Stop is Used to Create a Barrier During Concrete Pours Pour Stop helps to contain the concrete within a desired area while it hardens. Metal pour stop is typically made from carbon steel, but can also be fabricated out of galvanized steel, stainless steel or aluminum, depending on your needs. There are Two…

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Industrial Pipe Guards Protect Your Facility

industrial pipe guards, pipe covers, downspout cover, downspout guard

Use Industrial Pipe Guards to Cover & Protect Exposed Electrical & Mechanical Supports Industrial Pipe Guards keep your plumbing, gas and electric protected from vehicles and material handling equipment with Industrial Pipe Guards. Pipe Guards shield your electrical conduit, water pipes, gas lines and more from sustaining accidental damage. Inexperienced fork truck or lift operators and delivery personnel who…

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Metal U-Edging Hems for Safety & Design

Metal U-Edging Hems

Metal U-Edging Hems are an important safety feature of metal panels The primary function of u-edging hems is safety. Hems securely enclose dangerous, exposed edges of metal paneling, which could potentially cause injuries. Hems are basically formed, u-shaped metal closure strips, used to cap the edges of a wide range of materials, including: Expanded Metal Perforated Steel…

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Space Saving Stairpans – The Future of Commercial Stair Systems

poured concrete stairpans

Product Innovations Such As Our Space Saving Stairpans are a Key Component of Our Continued Growth & Success Space Saving Stairpans came about as a means of solving a challenge a potential customer was facing. Recently, we worked with the general contractor and miscellaneous metal sub-contractor, of a large residential high-rise project, in a major metropolitan city,…

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Stairpans? Am I Supposed to Know What Those Are?


Stairpans: You Might Not Think You Know What One Is – But Chances Are You’ve Walked on One Stairpans are everywhere. You may even have walked on one of ours. Our stairpans can be found in buildings all over the US and even a few in Canada. From some of the tallest buildings in the…

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Top Five Reasons to Choose Metal Stair Treads Over Stairpans

metal stair tread, metal stair treads

METAL STAIR TREADS are the perfect solution in situations where a poured concrete stair is not necessary METAL STAIR TREADS are perfectly functional and durable yet weigh only a fraction of what a stairpan filled with concrete weighs, making them a great alternative to traditional metal stairpans: they are very cost effective, require fewer steps to install,…

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Perforated Stairpans for Safety and Visual Appeal

commercial metal perforated stairpans, metal stair treads

Perforated Stairpans Improve Visibility, Safety & Aesthetics Perforated Stairpans improve visibility for pedestrians using commercial stairwells, allowing them to see foot traffic both above and below, and alerting them to any potential dangers. Holes also allow more light to filter through making stairwells a brighter, friendlier environment. When architects need to design a stairway that…

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